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Support the Campaign against Laibaz

Sun, 31/07/2016 - 18:19

Manchester Solidarity Federation has entered a dispute with Laibaz, a restaurant in Bolton. A number of the restaurant’s former employees are owed wages for hours worked and holiday entitlement. The restaurant's owner has paid workers at an hourly rate below the minimum wage and has failed to provide pay slips. He also failed to provide P45s when workers left their jobs at the restaurant.

We started the campaign by organising a phone blockade on Saturday July 23, aimed at preventing “take away” orders. The blockade was a tremendous success and we are confident that the restaurant was unable to take any orders between the hours of 6pm and 10pm, the busiest period of the week for take away orders. The workers involved would like to thank people for their fantastic support in making the blockade a success.

We will now be writing to the owner of the restaurant again demanding that he pay the monies owed to the workers. Should he fail pay up we shall be stepping up the campaign against the owner over the coming weeks. We would urge people to continue with their support in order to force the owner to return the wages he has stolen from the workforce and to prevent him from robbing workers in the future.


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