Sat, 15/01/2011 - 22:24

North London members tapped in to their inner-artist today to create a truly beautiful new banner!

Long after the mysterious dissapperance of our old one, it was time for NLSF to create a new banner for all those marches and demos.


First a projector was uesd to make a template.

We went around the image from the projector in chalk.

Then we filled in those outlines with fabric paint.

And voila! A banner for NLSF to be proud of.

We also did the outline for a South London banner, but will leave it to them to paint. We lay down the challenge to our sister local  to produce a banner as good as ours ;)


excellent work! Your banner reminds me of the one recently made by SWSF, but they don't have the manly IWA logo. It's a close run now between you guys, Brighton and Liverpool!

we'll have to get everyone to bring them to national conference to decorate it with!