Wed, 10/07/2013 - 01:24

Today's picket of M&S in Hastings was very successful. There was a good turnout with around 30 people joining in the leafleting, banner holding and loud, enthusiatic and harmonious singing at various points throughout the afternoon.

"If you won't pay your workers - we won't buy your knickers! If you don't pay your workers - we won't buy your walnut whip!"

We gave out about 4000 leaflets to overwhelmingly receptive Hastings shoppers. There was a good response from the public with toots on the horns from vans, taxis and cars, older M&S cutomers turning away from the shop complaining about how bad it is that companies don't want to pay people nowadays and a big enough turnout on the picket that we seemed to know half of the people who came by, many of them with their own experience of work placements and being sanctioned.

Paparazzi from The Hastings Observer came and took some photos, and we're going to be sending them a press release shortly.

We will be picketing the Jobcentre directly next Monday as part of our continuing campaign. Anyone who enjoyed today should most definitely come along. Contact the local via the contact page for time and place.

Thanks to everyone who came today. Solidarity!