Mon, 17/09/2012 - 11:36

Manchester Solidarity Federation, aided and abetted by comrades from West Yorkshire Solidarity Federation as well as Anarchist Federation and other libertarian comrades from the Manchester area, picketed a Domino’s branch in the university area of the city on Saturday September 15th.
This was part of the international day of action called by the General Transport Workers Association whose members, pizza delivery drivers in Brisbane Australia, have had their wages slashed by 19%
On the day, our presence and the information leaflet we were handing out soon got up the nose of the manager who arrogantly thought he could order us off the public pavement outside the premises. No such joy for him, and after a brief argument, we told him in no uncertain terms that if he was so upset by us standing there he should call the cops. He did.
He also called up his flock of tabard-wearers, who had been offering Domino’s overpriced fare to the newly arriving students, to come and mill around the store’s entrance. This only seemed to serve to make the place more crowded and off putting. In fact, during the whole time we were there only one lot of customers went into the store.
When Percival Plod pedalled up some time later, we were close to finishing off in any case. After a brief chat with us, he went inside to speak to Mr. angry manger, then pedalled off again leaving us as we were.