Living Utopia (The Anarchists and the Spanish Revolution)

This is a fascinating documentary film about the Spanish revolution featuring personal testimonies from numerous anarcho-syndicalist militants who took part. Today, 75 years after it began, the lessons of the revolution - its successes and failures - remain as relevant as ever.

For more info on the 75th anniversary commemoration of the revolution, visit here (in Spanish).

CNT-E: Es nuestro momento, que continúe la ocupación de plazas y la desobediencia

A translation of this CNT-E statement is available here.

Las multitudinarias concentraciones y acampadas que están sembrando las plazas de ciudades y pueblos desde el pasado día 15 son un claro ejemplo de la capacidad organizativa del pueblo cuando decide ser protagonista de su propia vida; superando la apatía, la resignación y la ausencia de una toma de conciencia con la que articular respuestas, para afrontar y construir alternativas a los múltiples problemas que hoy sufrimos el conjunto de la población: trabajadores/as, parados/as, estudiantes, inmigrantes, jubilados/as, precarios/as...

Spain: It's our moment - may the occupations and disobedience continue!

A statement on the May protests by the CNT, our Spanish sister section.

The countless demonstrations and occupations that are taking root in the main squares of cities and villages since the 15th are a clear example of the organizational capacity of the people when they decide to be the protagonists of their own lives; overcoming apathy, resignation, and the absence of a self-awareness with which to articulate solutions to take on and construct alternatives to the many problems that today face all of us: workers, the unemployed, students, immigrants, retired, the casualised...

Vodafone: tax dodgers AND union-busters

Also available as a pdf file.

Vodafone, the world’s biggest mobile telecoms service, has incurred widespread public anger for its tax-dodging activities in the UK. Led by the UK Uncut movement, direct actions at Vodafone outlets have disrupted the company economically and have raised awareness of the company’s avoidance of an estimated £4.2 billion in tax since 2000.

In Spain Vodafone transfers its products and its image to Internity-Avenir Telecom, who in February fired a CNT delegate for informing the company about the establishment of a trade union there. The CNT are the Spanish section of the International Workers Association and are active in the struggle for workers’ rights.

The ‘May Days’ in Barcelona 1937

May marks the anniversary of one of the most infamous events in the history of anarcho-syndicalism and the wider working class movement

The ‘May Days’ in Barcelona 1937 was the turning point of the Spanish Civil War and Spanish Revolution, when counter-revolutionary forces moved against the anarchists, imposing greater control over the Spanish working class and reintroducing capitalist modes of production.

¡Viva la CNT-AIT! 100 years of anarcho-syndicalism

Today (November 1st 2010) marks the 100th anniversary of our Spanish sister organisation, the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT-AIT). Liverpool Solidarity Federation extends revolutionary greetings to our comrades in the CNT-AIT and best wishes for the next century of struggle.

¡Viva la CNT-AIT !
¡Viva la AIT y el Anarcosindicalismo!

Read more on the CNT-AIT here.


Mercadona workers strike in Barcelona

The 22nd of April marked the end of the first month of an indefinite strike in Barcelona by workers at the Sant Sadorni d`Anoia logistics centre for the major Spanish Supermarket chain Mercadona.

The dispute began with the sacking of 3 members of the anarcho-syndicalist union CNT and the culmination of a campaign of threats by the company against workers unionising. Even before a strike was declared the company brought in scab workers, attempting to preempt the actions of their own employees. Immediately, the workforce went on strike, initially for 10 days, and has since developed into an indefinite strike.

The demands of the strikers are:

Mercadona Strike CNT-AIT

Barcelona members of the Spanish CNT who were fired by Mercadona a supermarket chain in spain continue their fight for the readmission of three fired CNT workers,improvements in conditions and for the CNT to be recognised by the company. The strikers have been out for more than 200 days after three workers were fired for being CNT militants. The bosses of the supermarket chain began the attack on CNT members after the CNT had been pushing for better conditions. The situation was unacceptable for the workers, Mercadona has hired scabs to try and break the strike, but the CNT workers have held firm with an indefinite strike. The management of Mercadona have also tried to pay off the CNT and its militants by offering the CNT three hundred thousand euros to end the strike and accept the dismissal of the workers. The workers on strike refused the offer.

How You Can Help!

Day of action against Starbucks

On 5th July this year, members of Solidarity Federation joined a day of action against Starbucks, after the coffee chain fired a CNT member in Spain and an Industrial Workers of the World organiser in Grand Rapids, USA. The action was called by the International Workers Association, (of which SolFed and CNT are affiliates) and the IWW.