Barcelona members of the Spanish CNT who were fired by Mercadona a supermarket chain in spain continue their fight for the readmission of three fired CNT workers,improvements in conditions and for the CNT to be recognised by the company. The strikers have been out for more than 200 days after three workers were fired for being CNT militants. The bosses of the supermarket chain began the attack on CNT members after the CNT had been pushing for better conditions. The situation was unacceptable for the workers, Mercadona has hired scabs to try and break the strike, but the CNT workers have held firm with an indefinite strike. The management of Mercadona have also tried to pay off the CNT and its militants by offering the CNT three hundred thousand euros to end the strike and accept the dismissal of the workers. The workers on strike refused the offer.

How You Can Help!

Solidarity donations are urgently needed. Please send The Bank: La Caixa, Solidarity account: 2100-1183-35-0100505773 / Europe: IBAN: ES08 2100 1183 3501 0050 5773 / Rest of the world: BIC (Swift): CAIXESBBXXX 2100 1183 3501 0050 5773

The CNT is the Spanish Section of the International Workers Association.

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