Tue, 28/10/2008 - 22:17

Solidarity with sacked IKEA workers in Brescia, Italy.
On 1st September, whilst workers were being transferred between one work agency to another, 7 workers were sacked, even though they had been assured they would be absorbed into the new agency.

These general service workers had been working at IKEA for several years, had been lowly paid at €5 per hour and working up to 200 hours per month and had been working in unsafe working conditions in the underground car park with no exhaust fans. Workers even had to purchase their own safety clothing.

It is obvious that IKEA had no respect for the workers health and preferred to ignore health and safety rules in order to maximise profit. With decreasing sales, IKEA chose to downsize their workforce and weaken the work conditions of the workers, with restaurant and bar staff within the complex now having to perform the duties of the sacked carpark workers.

The 7 sacked workers are now picketing the Brescia IKEA store every Saturday and Sunday until they are reinstated.

Sustain the struggle of the workers of  Brescia’s IKEA
Sabotage IKEA who refuse their own responsibility
No more exploitation
Solidarity with the workers fired by IKEA
from the Unione Sindacale Italiana (USI) Commercial workers section.