Sat, 26/02/2011 - 12:10

According to a headline in the Chronicle and Echo, "THE LARGEST cuts faced by Northamptonshire County Council in years have been approved by the Conservative leaders of the authority, despite the politicians admitting it was the last thing they wanted to do."

The last thing they wanted to do?

I can think of at least one option they could have taken.  Any councillor whose conscience was against the cuts could have taken the decision to resign their position.  But they didn't.

There are two conclusions:

1.  They actually did want to vote for the cuts, or

2.  They prove the contention that no matter what motives take a person into party politics, the closer they get to power the closer their interests align with those of the powerful. They become compromised as colaborators:  with the idea that they might be allowed to take minor changes and judgements they become the enforcers of the wishes of their masters, imposers of cuts which allow the wealthy to retain their riches, their priviledge whilst attacking the conditions of the majority.  They become colaborators in putting people out of jobs.  They become collaborators in reducing people's earnings and the quality of life they may enjoy.

Don't be fooled by the fact that this is a Conservative lead council in which Lib Dems and Labour were afforded the opportunity to oppose aspects of the cuts (but not cuts in general).  The same things will be said and done in every council across the country, whether Conservative lead, Labour lead or Lib Dem lead.