Thu, 16/06/2011 - 17:45

The North London Solidarity Federation wishes to congratulate our fellow postal workers in Islington on their successful three hour wildcat strike last week.

Unfortunately, Royal Mail's harassment of workers that refuse to cut corners is nothing new and, regrettably, keeps going on up and down the country on a daily basis. Unreasonable cuts to duties coupled lay-offs have created impossible workloads. Management's response to this situation—a situation they created—is to bully their workforce. Everyday at Royal Mail centres around the country, management try to make us work through our breaks, begin work before our shifts start, and stay on late without compensation. When we refuse—when we do our job properly—we are threatened with dismissal. 

Enough is enough! Wildcat strikes are our most effective weapon and both management and our so-called union leaders know this.

It is time to step it up and Make Royal Mail unmanageble. The Islington posties have taken the first step. All that's left is for the rest of us to get on board. 

Congratulations again fellow workers North London Solidarity Federation (IWA)
(as written by NL Postie)