Fri, 12/07/2013 - 19:50

As part of the week of action against the government workfare and affiliated schemes, Newcastle targeted upmarket retail chain, Marks and Spencer. M&S seek to profit to the tune of 1 million pounds using its own workfare scheme. While M&S attempt to put a worthy spin on its free labour, only a small percentage of people find work because of workfare. Not only is workfare an attack on unemployed workers but threaten the positions of those in work, potentially pitting worker against worker. Marks and Spencer's were no different to all the pickets Newcastle SolFed has taken part in, 15 minutes in sending out their security guard to try and harass us - to no avail. What made it different was people really stopped and took time to listen to what the picket was about. There still is a bygone age feeling of ownership amongst many of the older shoppers and they rightly felt genuine disgust at learning M&S are exploiting unemployed workers in this manner, so much so that people would ask for several leaflets to give to their friends. Newcastle SolFed will continue picketing M&S until they pull out o f workfare - keep an eye out for planned pickets.