Conferencia del 90 aniversario de la AIT

Sat, 05/01/2013 - 12:00 to Sun, 06/01/2013 - 18:00


Malet Street
United Kingdom
51° 31' 17.076" N, 0° 7' 48.864" W
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South London Solidarity Federation

Asociación Internacional de los Trabajadores, Conferencia del 90 aniversario. 5-6 enero de 2013, Londres.

Los trabajadores revolucionarios de todo el mundo se reunirán en Londres durante dos días a comienzos de enero del 2013 para conmemorar el 90 º aniversario de la fundación de la Asociación Internacional de los Trabajadores - basada en los principios del sindicalismo revolucionario, que significó la aparición del anarcosindicalismo en el movimiento obrero mundial.

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10 years of ASI: it's not a time for celebration, but for struggle

Reflections by ASI-IWA, our Serbian sister section, at the occasion of their tenth anniversary.

In previous ten years ASI has intensively supported the organizing of revolutionary libertarian workers' movement. Apart from direct participation in workers' and student strikes and protests, we are regularly publishing our weekly bulletin “Direktna akcija” (Direct Action) and sustain active publishing activities. This year, as it has for the past eight years, our publishing-research body — Center for Libertarian Studies (CLS) will be participating in The Belgrade Bookfare with the intention to make the theory and history of the workers' movement accessible to people, as well as to confront commercialization of culture, and support spreading and strengthening of progressive thought and radical social critique.

Domino's Workers Solidarity

Sat, 15/09/2012 (All day) to Mon, 17/09/2012 (All day)

Fax and Phone Blockade In Support of Domino's Delivery Drivers Australia Monday 17th September

Domino's delivery drivers in Australia have received a 19% pay cut to their wages this year. Domino's Australia made $105 million in profits last year. There is no need for a paycut.

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From a Syrian anarchist

I am Mazen ******, a Syrian anarchist . I want to inform you about the difficult humanitarian situation in my country, Syria ; due to the brutal oppression of the regime against the revolting masses. A group of young Syrian anarchists and anti – authoritarians from Aleppo – Syria, contacted me asking for urgent help. Their community is in urgent need for everything : medical drugs , tents , children milk , etc; almost everything. We hope that you can help them to alleviate the sufferings of Syrians in these difficult days.

The CNT calls a General Strike for March 29

Our Spanish sister section decided to call a 24-hour general strike for March 29, against the Labor Reform, the cuts, and the assaults on the working class. The CNT rejects any kind of negotiation over the rights conquered by the working class and demands the repeal of the Labor Reform. The strike call extends the call that has already been made for Galicia and the Basque Country. This call will be formalized in the coming days.

History of the Federalist IWMA

Article by Vadim Damier at the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Federalist International Workingmen´s Association

The “first” International Workingmen´s Association was founded in 1864 through the initiative of workers themselves but also with some participation of “politicians”.  Organizationally, it was built as an association of workers´ unions. According to the Statutes, there was no centralism. The workers of the same profession or area formed a section, all sections of any country formed a federation, and every country federation sent delegates to the General Council. This Council was purely a coordinating body - it could  not issue any decrees, instructions, etc. It was to analyze disputes and misunderstandings between the sections. All sections and federations maintained their autonomy.

Picket Adecco in solidarity with EULEN-ABB strikers

Wed, 25/01/2012 - 13:00 to 15:00


8 Chapel Street
L3 9AG Liverpool
United Kingdom
53° 24' 28.6992" N, 2° 59' 35.0556" W
Event organiser: 
Liverpool Solidarity Federation


ADECCO is the largest employment agency in the world. Beside profiting on precarity and casualisation, ADECCO and other employment agencies are fast becoming the go-to source for scabs and strikebreakers. Case in point: At the Asea Brown Boveri factory in Cordoba, Spain workers have struck over pay and conditions.

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Poland: Roche dismisses union activist

On December 19, the pharmaceuticals company Roche Poland dismissed an activist of the anarcho-syndicalist ZSP without any reason. The orders came directly from corporate headquarters and he was asked to leave immediately. The company refused to give any reason in writing or any other documents.

The dismissal came one day after a large article with the comrade appeared in the main newspaper. Although no real reason was given, it is largely felt that this decision was related to his work in the union.

EULEN fires all striking workers at ABB Cordoba

Outsourcing of workers at the ABB factory in Cordoba is currently being used as the pretext to get rid of militant workers, leading to 34 workers being fired.

The strikers claim that the redundancies are not valid and considered them a clear retaliation for the strike. They demand to be reinstated by ABB or outsourced by ADECCO - EUROCEN.

On Wednesday EULEN fired all the workers on strike since November 28.

EULEN has claimed that it fired the workers because of the loss of its contract with ABB, where it was replaced by ADECCO - EUROCEN.

Among those dismissed is the entire Strike Committee. Nine of it 12 members already had been dismissed on 31 December.