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J30 Propaganda

Leaflets, posters, and fliers designed to be given out in the run-up to and the day of the three-quater million strong public sector strike on June 30th 2011. Most were designed by SolFed (and especially members in the North London Local), with two published by the IWW.

Pro-strike/anti-scabbing posters

Three generic posters for supporting strike action, available as a pdf.

Claimants - today is a strike day (UWN J30 leaflet)

Download the pdf here.

Job Centre workers in the PCS union are on strike today to defend their pensions, but this is our fight too. The government’s attacks on job centre workers go hand-in-hand with their attacks on claimants. On the one hand they lower the terms and conditions of job centre staff, on the other they force claimants onto privately-run workfare schemes like the Flexible New Deal, through for-profit companies like Maximus, Skills Training and Careers Development Group. Meanwhile they force ill and disabled people off the sick (ESA) and onto Jobseekers Allowance (JSA).

EWN Leaflet for J30

An EWN leaflet designed to be given out in the run-up to J30 or on picket lines on the day.

SF posters

Three SolFed posters:

Just saying


At Work

Workplace Organiser Training Leaflet

Leaflet and generic invitation for the Solidarity Federation workplace organiser training

ALL OUT FOR JUNE 30th! - leaflet for edu workers, parents, and students

A leaflet designed to begin a conversation with education workers, but also students and parents, about the June 30th pension strikes.

Don't Cross Picket Lines!

Short, generic double-sided A5 leaflet meant to be given out on picket lines or in the run-up to a strike.


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