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Workfare staff leaflet

A leaflet for the Combat Workfare day of action, specifically aimed at workers in the companies that support the workfare programme.

Know your rights: failing a Work Capability Assessment

What to do if you 'fail' your work capability assessment

Some brief advice on the process of appealing a failed Work Capability Assessment (WCA), as well as some signposting to relevant advice bodies who may be able to assist you.

When you first receive the results of your ATOS WCA and it is a fail, the first thing that many do, as they are panicked and desperate, as they have had their money stopped, is to panic and phone the Job Centre Plus and ask about signing on for Jobseekers Allowance, which is what they want you to do, but there is an alternative and that is by asking for a reconsideration and/or appeal.

How to request reconsideration/appeal

Liverpool leaflet for Adecco picket

Attached is a copy of the leaflet handed out by Liverpool Solidarity Federation in our picket against Adecco, the text and design shamelessly ripped off from Brighton's original work.

Stop ADECCO strike-breaking

Workers at a Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) factory in Cordoba, Spain have been on indefinite strike since 28th November, camped out all day and night in front of the factory.

The strike was called in protest at plans to make workers redundant and replace them with non-union labour with no experience or qualifications, hired through EUROCEN -  the logistics division of the ADECCO Group.

Student Radicals: an incomplete history of protest at the University of Sussex 1971-75

Ed Goddard's excellent pamphlet on student radicalism at Sussex. Ed Goddard is a former member of Brighton SF currently living in Italy, and an admin of the libcom.org website. Download as a pdf here.

All Out For Pensions

An unbranded poster designed to promote the upcoming pension strikes.

Education struggle are our struggles (EWN)

Generic leaflet that can be given out to education workers, students, parents, or members of the public.

Education Struggle are Our Struggles

Generic leaflet that can be given out to education workers, students, parents, or members of the public.


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