Sun, 25/11/2012 - 00:47

The Pret a Manger Staff Union, formed in London when a group of workers got sick of management mistreatment, has been standing up for Pret employees for a number of months now.  As part of the increasing momentum enjoyed by the campaign, the PAMSU website is now live.  And on it is the announcement that PAMSU will be fighting for a living wage for all Pret workers.

Check it out and send it along to any Pret workers you know.

Pret worker wanting to know more about the union?  Supporter wanting to get involved in the campaign?

PAMSU: pret.staff.union (a)
North London Solidarity Federation:


The Pret a Manger Staff Union believes all Pret workers deserve enough pay and enough guaranteed hours to live on.

Because of this, the Union is demanding Pret pay all its staff the London Living Wage of £8.55 (£7.45 in the rest of the UK).

But we know that Pret won’t listen just because we ask nicely. We need you to get involved: join the union, talk to your workmates about the campaign, and attend the upcoming public actions which will put pressure on Pret to give us the wage and the hours we need.

What else does PAMSU do?

- Mentoring of workplace activists
- Training on the skills we need to get organised
- Legal support
- Supporting each other when raising grievances or fighting disciplinaries

What makes PAMSU different?

PAMSU is an independent union. That means no managers, no politicians, and no bureaucrats. We don’t rely on the law or the goodwill of the company when it comes to fighting for the interests of Pret workers.

Instead, PAMSU believes all Pret workers—whether you’re a barista, team leader, kitchen staff or any other position—should come together to support each other. Only by standing together will we make sure we get the respect we deserve. It’s only through solidarity that we’ll make Pret a better place to work.