Sat, 28/02/2015 - 20:03

As predicted, the static demo held by Pegida in Newcastle's Bigg Market was something of an embarrassment for the neo-nazis. Denied a march through town, and lacking anything like a fraction of the numbers that the hype and publicity accorded to them, the unveiling of the far-rights latest toy turned out to be broken. Dredging up all the old fascists from the past several decades for something that was supposed to be new and dynamic, was both tragic and comic, with reports of less than 300 them turning up. Outnumbered many times over - several estimates of anti-fascists are close to 2000 - just shows that for all of Pegida's effort, Newcastle was never going to be the city of the Fourth Reich. Newcastle Local were out an hour before the march handing leaflets to members of the public; at one point we were challenged by fascists dressed in 1930's tweeds; needless to say, not a straight face could be kept at the spectacle of ranting fascists dressed like extras in Downton Abbey!