Wed, 23/02/2011 - 00:18

When the UK Border Agency (UKBA) carried out a raid on 6 January 2011 they did so under several pretexts. While immigration raids are carried out on a regular basis across London, the size and scale of the raid at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital suggests a concerted campaign to flush out a number of illegals who were working there under quite appalling conditions. These attacks on the migrant community have to be seen in light of NHS ‘reforms’ and the forcing of the unemployed into compulsory work and the low-pay economy.

A demo called Friday evening 18 February at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital highlighted the blight of three detainees and more than 72 workers in the Hospital who had fled without trace since the UKBA raid. A gathering of more than 50 people from a number of campaigns and groups ensured the matter was brought to the attention of a receptive general public despite the over zealous attitude of a number of security staff. 


Photos from the day. Here and here