Sun, 05/05/2013 - 18:58

The May Day Rally in Bristol saw a large Red and Black presence leading the march through the centre.

Members of Solidarity Federation joined the Radical Workers' Block. The red and black flags flags waved and demands of "Fire to the bosses" cried out. Others in the block included members of the Anarchist Federation, the IWW and other local anarchists.

The rally ended in Castle Park, where Trade Union activists, made tired and boring speeches about the need for Leadership and putting pressure on the Labour Party. The Anarchist Federation stood by, holding a banner proclaiming TUC censorship, drawing attention to the Trades Council ban on anarchists on the platform and allowing any mention of the historic roots of May Day.

After the speeches. The Radical Workers block set off to show solidarity with Bangladeshi workers. The marched on the local Primark, already surrounded by police and security, and blockaded the entrance. Cries of shame, murder and blood on your hands echoed throughout the shop. Many shoppers, horrified by news of Primark's links with the death of over 500 garment workers, turned away and went elsewhere.