Mon, 04/04/2011 - 23:04

The Bristol Local will be at this years Bookfair. Were we will be distributing material on Anarcho-syndicalism and hoping to meet other people interested building work-placed opposition to the state and capital.

During the last year the Bristol members of Solidarity Federation have been actively fighting against the governments cuts, have run work-place organising workshops and co-operating with other local groups committed to class struggle anarchism in the South West.

The workshops are currently being decided upon, but Bristol SF are planning to host a discussion on analysis of the cuts. We believe that the cuts are part of an increasingly bitter struggle to impose poorer conditions on the working class. If we blame the bankers and the ConDem Government then we are sadly missing out on the real cause of this austerity drive. That is the failure of the working class to effectively organise to resist the power of the capitalist and demand a world of our own making.