Congratulations and Solidarity to London's IWW Cleaners

The North London Solidarity Federation would like to extend our warmest congratulations to the IWW cleaners who recently won a strike over unpaid wages.  Their solidarity, organization, and determination (despite their varying immigrant backgrounds and the fact they work for an unscrupulous subcontractor) is an inspiration for us all.  Congratulations again fellow workers and please don't hesitate to let us know how we can support your struggle in the future.

North London Solidarity Federation

Ambas secciones londinenses de Solidarity Federation l@s envía felicitaciones a l@s limpiezas de IWW Londres después de su huelga exitosa. Su solidaridad es una inspiración. Otra vez, felicitaciones a nuestr@s companer@s y esperamos que nos avisen de como podremos solidarizarnos con sus luchas en el futuro.


London SolFed solidarity message to victimised restaurant workers

In preparation for today's picket in support of sacked IWW/LAWAS workers at the Ichiban Sushi restaurant, the London Locals of the Solidarity Federation have released the following statement:

The London Locals of the Solidarity Federation would like to express our fullest solidarity with the IWW members who have been unjustly dismissed from from the Ichiban Sushi Restaurant.  We stand in full support of these workers and will attend and promote any solidarity actions that occur on their behalf.

NLSF Statement on Struggle in Wisconsin

The North London Local of the Solidarity Federation would like to show our deepest solidarity with the Wisconsin working class.  While we, like the IWW to whom this statement is directly addressed, share a critique of the trade unions we also recognize that the attack on public sector collective bargaining is much larger than the AFL-CIO.  It is full frontal assault on all workers in Wisconsin and will reverberate not only in that state but across the entire country.  Such a move will put downward pressure on the wages of private sector workers, organized and unorganized alike, will embolden employers to demand concessions, and, if successful, will likely be copied by state and local governments across the US.

Review: A Century of Writing on the IWW

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This bibliography of books on the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is the most complete work of its sort by a considerable margin. It is divided into four sections – general works (books exclusively about the IWW); biographical works; miscellaneous works with some bearing on the IWW; and writings by IWW members. The appendix on the IWW in fiction is so extensive relative to what has been available in the past as to constitute virtually an original work.

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