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Wildcat! #3

The third issue of Liverpool Solidarity Federation’s free local newsletter, Wildcat!

- Why we need to look beyond the TUC
- Barcelona: General strike 2010
- Nick Griffin sent packing in Liverpool
- Radical Workers Bloc calls for class war against capitalism & ConDem cuts
- Crosby 1 Sainsbury’s 0
- Mini-Sudoku

Brighton Solidarity - newsletter #4

Christmas edition with articles on a BHW dispute with a cafe, agency work, and zero hours contracts.

Brighton Solidarity - newsletter #3

July 10 public sector strike, stolen wage disputes at a restaurant and a greengrocer, and holiay pay.

Direct Action Solidarity newsletter #2

Launch of the BHW campaign, migrant worker experience, hotel cleaner wage dispute, and your rights when starting a new job.

New Spanner in the Works out now

The latest copy of the West Yorkshire SolFed newsletter, Spanner in the Works, was released to an unsuspecting public on Saturday 20 April 2013.

Articles on ex-Remploy workers, David Brown Ltd, May Day, Freedom benefit and workplace victimisation.

Initial distribution took place at the anti-bedroom tax demonstration in Leeds and later the same day at the Freedom Press benefit gig at Bradford's 1in12 Club.

Available to download here:

EW Issue 8: Academy Special

The latest issue of Education Worker, the EWN's bulletin is out, with an Academies Special! We lift the lid on what's happening in schools and academies in particular: what they are, what they do, why they are a problem and what should be done about it. EW#8 can be downloaded from the site, or ask your nearest SolFed local.


Direct Action Solidarity #1

The first issue of a new newsletter focussed on direct action solidarity - tackling grievances from bullying to wage theft.

November 30 strike bulletin

Bulletin for the November 30th public sector strike (2011)

J30 strike bulletin

Bulletin for the June 30th public sector strikes - Why care about public sector pensions? (2011)


Wildcat! #6

The summer 2011 issue of Liverpool Solidarity Federation's local newsletter can be downloaded here.


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