Saturday 20 April Anti-Bedroom Tax demo, Leeds

Members of Solidarity Federation West Yorkshire and Calderdale Locals and Leeds Anarchist Federation joined over 1,000 marchers at the Leeds Anti-Bedroom Tax demonstration called by Hands Off Our Homes - Leeds on 20 April 2013.

Protesters assembled outside Leeds City Art gallery before a short march round the city centre, finishing with a rally and speakers.

SF opposes all government austerity measures as despicable attacks on the living standards of our class. Working class solidarity and direct action like strikes and eviction-prevention are what is needed to beat back the rich scum in power.

Labour Party fails to co-opt grass-roots anti-Bedroom Tax campaigns in Liverpool

Report from one of our member's blog.

Today (Saturday 16th March) in Liverpool finally saw the knights in shining armour from the local Labour Party riding into town to rescue the city’s working class from the clutches of the evil Tories. Or at least that’s how the Labour left would like to portray the situation. The reality, as they surely know, is very different.

Following the Labour snub to the local campaigns in Liverpool, feelings were running high among tenants who have been involved in campaigns in the city for many months and following the mass bans of angry tenants from the Labour event page on Facebook it was clear the platform wasn’t going to tolerate any deviation from the Labour line.

Liverpool public meeting: Combat The Bedroom Tax!

Between 80 and 100 people attended a meeting organised by the Liverpool Claimants Network to discuss and plan local resistance to the government’s proposed Bedroom Tax. The initial presentation by a member of the network gave a good overview of what the Bedroom Tax is, the implications it has for housing association tenants, and the need to organise direct action against what is a callous attack on the working-class.