Whether it's at work, at home, or at the job centre, bosses, landlords and the state are always trying to get more from us for less, or give us less for more. It might be work not giving you your breaks, or a landlord not making repairs, or the job centre forcing you onto a 'voluntary' scheme for your dole money. Forcing them to play by their own rules can be an important first step in turning the tables, and shifting the balance of power in our favour. To do that, you've got to know your rights!

SolFed's 'know your rights' page has now been updated with the new Stuff Your Landlord (doesn't want you to know) leaflet, a 4-page guide to housing rights and direct action. Also on the page you will find the latest version of our workplace rights leaflet, the Stuff Your Boss (doesn't want you to know) in English, Polish and Spanish, as well as the SolFed Unwaged Workers Network's 16-page guide to workfare in the UK, Abolish Workfare.