Solfed has been busy for the London Anarchist Bookfair, which is on at Queen Mary University this Saturday. Alongside launching a new range of posters and pamphlets, we will be running a large stall with books, mugs and even shopping bags (oh yes, we went to a great deal of trouble in the irony stakes), alongside hosting two key talks for the day.

The first talk, starting at noon (Room 3.23), will play off our popular workplace organiser training sessions, looking at the nuts and bolts of how to turn your workplace from a soul-crushing bore into a hive of lively rebellious activity.

The second is something a bit special. Against Austerity: Anarcho-Syndicalism across Europe (Room 3.23 from 5pm) will include speakers from SolFed's sister sections in Italy, Poland, Portgual and Spain, some of the countries hardest hit by austerity. They will be talking about the problems being encountered and about the rebellions that are starting to emerge from decades of stagnation. The only sad thing is that we have so many speakers, they may not have enough time to fit everything in!

And finally, we're pleased to announce the sold out Workmates pamphlet is now available again! We've taken delivery of a new batch and they'll be available from the SolFed stall. The second pamphlet in the series, an expanded reprint of the classic Anarcho-syndicalism in Puerto Real is also available, as is possibly the world's most revolutionary mug. We also have a range of new posters available (see below), come visit us on our stall to pick one up...

'Pyramid of capitalist society' (Size: A1)

Design by

Felix: 'you disgust us' (Size: A2)

Design by DSG

Strike, occupy, retweet! (Size: A2)

Design by DSG

Educate, agitate, like! (Size: A2)

Design by DSG

You don't have to be an anarcho-syndicalist to work here... but it helps (mug)

Design: SolFed. Other side shows a woman confronting her boss.