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Boycott Workfare - A4e Communications Blockade – Wednesday 20th March

A4e is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Government welfare policy. In 2011 the company turnover was £180 million, 100% of which came from the public coffers. Out of this the bosses shared out £11 million between them. A4e have a catastrophic record of failing to meet even the paltry minimum targets set by the Department for Work and Pensions for finding people jobs on the workfare scheme, the Work Programme. You have more chance of finding a job without their bullying 'back to work' tactics. Not content with what amounts to the officially sanctioned scam of lucrative welfare to work contracts from their friends in Government there are numerous accusations of fraud against them, where records are apparently falsified, so that they can claim even more public money for not doing their job. They are further subsidised by the public by their use of mandatory unpaid labour within the company as well. The costs of Workfare are socialised while the profits are privatised.

We are asking everyone to make their voice heard once more. Contact A4e and complain about their involvement in Workfare.

The aim is to shut down their communications as much as possible in order to cause them disruption. They may not listen to individual complaints, but they will take notice when they can't do their day-to-day activities for the sheer volume of complaints coming in! Be polite.

Email A4e:

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Fax A4e Head Office fax number: 0114 275 4632
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Many classic books are available as free PDFs online. Perhaps A4e would like to read them.

Phone A4e Customer Services Freephone Number: 0800 345 666

Twitter: @OfficialA4e

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This is part of Boycott Workfare's Week Of Action: