Sat, 05/03/2022 - 10:00


94 Grosvenor Rd, St Paul's,
BS2 8XJ Bristol

Join Bristol SF to look at the historical influences of anarcho-syndicalism and how it continues to be a method of organising in our communities and workplaces. Using a of combination of strategies that are anti-hierarchical and based on working-class power to shape a world in which our needs are central.

Our discussion will look at the situation currently in Spain and the defence of anarchy-syndicalism by the CNT-AIT. Followed by how class struggle and intersectional politics can help us better understand how we can fight together to end domination and exploitation of marginalised people. Finally, we will look at a dispute in Bristol that that successful in defending a health service for young people using anarchy-syndicalism tactics.

We will be offering  a free vegetarian lunch and will make the venue child friendly.


Contact us if have any questions about the day or future events will are holding. Or how you can get involved.