Dear DA,

Surely in the 21st century Parliament needs to be reformed. After all how many of our MPs went to private school and university? It doesn’t sound like our Parliament is full of commoners. A Parlia-ment full of commoners will mean more varied debate and not for self-interest.

Yours faithfully, SH.

REPLY: As far as the kind of social change that we envisage is concerned, whether or not parliament is reformable is a side issue. Parliaments, the parties and politicians that infest them, along with other hierarchical bodies like the reformist unions, have the power to make decisions over our heads without having to ac-count for their actions. Against this, we see direct action as the way forward for our class – that is, in the words of our Aims (on p.2), “action by workers ourselves, not through intermediaries like politicians and union officials”.



Address Unknown

Dear DA,

I have just read “Address Unknown” and can endorse the reviewer’s comments [see DA44]. This is indeed a little gem of a book, a telling indictment of the creeping pervasiveness of prejudice and oppression.

In solidarity, RE

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