Dear DA,

I just wanted to thank your reviewer in DA43 for turning me on to Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine. I couldn’t agree more with the comment that “the sheer scale of abuses detailed…is simply jaw-dropping”. For one who felt hardened to the ways of the capitalist world, this account of sheer cynicism, corruption, double standards and outright lies was still something of an eye opener.

I’d also like to leave your readers with one thought for the current climate. If the Shock Doctrine thesis holds water then maybe the recent financial meltdown is only the latest shock that will provide yet more massive pickings for the free market vultures. Emergency bail outs of banking systems need massive borrowing on the international money markets. The IMF for one, as Klein so clearly shows, will demand something back on top of the years of debt repayment. If the past is anything to go by, then we’re going to see more sell offs of state owned assets.

What would this mean in Britain, with up to £400 billion that needs finding for the promised bail out? Full blown American style privatisation in the health and education sectors? Certainly this New Labour government has brought in elements of privatisation through the back door in both sectors, so there’s no ideological objection. The same goes for the Post Office, with the Communication Workers Union perhaps cast in a similar role to the NUM in times gone by.

MMcC, Fife.

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