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Publications - web site

set up user accounts, get added to the co-ordination email list, deal with technical problems, ask about web site content (mandate held by Brighton)

SolFed Women’s Officer

point of contact for women within SolFed - currently trying to get access to email account, in the meantime email secretary@solfed.org.uk

SolFed Training Co-ordinator

co-ordinate and develop a national syllabus of training on different topics useful to anarcho-syndicalist militants

SolFed Communications Delegate

Responds to membership enquiries, liaising with National Treasurer and relevant locals/networks. Deals with external contacts from the media and relevant groups (incl.maintaining contact lists).

SolFed Federal Treasurer

collects subs, helping to maintain membership records, also makes national payments

SolFed Federal Secretary

Responsible for the Member's Handbook, Internal Bulletin (delegated), updating the Constitution, decisions database. Also organising National Conference, NDCs, Weekend School.

SolFed Publicity Commission

Get in touch if you need national publicity materials (leaflets, stickers, pamphlets, posters) - this is held by Brighton

Forthcoming: 'Fighting for ourselves: anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle' – a new pamphlet by the Solidarity Federation

We are living in times of unprecedented attacks on our living conditions on all fronts, of rising social tension and sometimes violent eruptions of class conflict. And yet if anything, the surprise is not that there have been riots and the odd strike, but that there have been so few. How are we to make sense of this? How are we to fight back, to take the initiative? Against capitalism, what do we want to put in its place? The 20th century discredited state socialism, and rightly so. But with it, a whole history of international class struggle, of revolutions and counter-revolutions, victories and defeats, spontaneous uprisings and vast workers’ organisation has been eclipsed too. This pamphlet aims to recover some of that lost history, in order to set out a revolutionary strategy for the present conditions.


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