The CSL3 were shop-stewards in London Borough of Newham's privatised Housing Benefits section. They were sacked for allegedly leaking information about CSL's terrible record to the disastrous nature of the organisation's activities to “Inside Housing” magazine, but the real reason was that they were doing their job well and CSL wanted rid of them (see February issue of Catalyst).

The sacked workers have taken a Tribunal case against CSL, which was due to start in October. However, CSL requested and were granted an adjournment until the new year. Coincidentally, CSL have now lost their contract with Newham Borough over inefficiencies – exactly the issue the CSL3 were trying to bring to everyone's attention!

Meanwhile, the CSL3, Jane Cowan, Dave Radford and Steve Stone, would like to thank everyone who responded generously and positively to Catalyst's fundraising/solidarity campaign. Your continuing support is appreciated. For latest Tribunal info. etc, contact: CSL3, PO Box 1681. London N8 7LE. Email: Phone 020 7474 8367. Donation cheques to CSL Newham Three, or direct to: Natwest branch 60-16-32, account 79549047

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